Decentralized Construction Projects

Renaissance Engineering is a seeking to fund its decentralised construction business with a token sale on the Waves platform.

The goal of RETOKEN is to launch a security token on Waves, paying a share of profits over time (30%) as well as conducting regular airdrops(%4) – leading to a steady stream of passive income.

Tokensale will finish when 210k waves collected:
Waves🔷 Received funds will be update daily
🔷 1417
🔷 210,000
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1 RETOKEN price
0,004 Waves
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Renaissance Engineering Token
Why choosing us

Renaissance Engineering Company idea is founded in July 2017.

We have built a business model on blockchain with our expertise on building and engineering products. Company aims to gain profit with out of traditional investment tools by turning our construction innovations to real estate and other engineering solutions to reality with asset tokenization.


We created a team with high – educated persons in their profession . They have known each other for many years. Every single person was choosen meticulously by their relevance for project goals.


As a result ,we would like to create permanent and useful works by signing qualified projects in Turkey first and then Europe region. Renaissance Engineering will not be just one more digital token on wavesplatform. Our goal is to build strong company with sharing dividends, profit-shares and voting rights to the shareholders.


Monthly airdrop to holders 1st year
Monthly airdrop to holders 2nd year
Profit distribution per project
RETOKEN Waves Dex id number : 7HV6xKYPjSyKzSoW6UwhQBdTFUnGoL5dHG2G5ZwSL9QB
Our Tokens
What is Renaissance Engineering Token
Renaissance Engineering connecting cryptocurrencies with real-world assets.
Renaissance Engineering not  just one more digital token is built on wavesplatform . Our goal is to create strong Company with sharing dividends, profit-shares and voting rights to the shareholders.

Loyalty token model

Renaissance Engineering Token built on loyalty fundamentals.Monthly airdrops & dividend share from company’s real-products

Renaissance Lab

RenaissanceLAB will do what waveslab is doing for wavesplatform.Basically if entrepreneurs have an idea,project,or suitable land to start own projects they can apply us to realize it with our helps. We will conduct a survey that our holders can vote and wınner of competition’s project’ll be supported by Renaissance Engineering’s funding. This project’s profit will be distributed our holders with defined percentage

Transparet,secure and profitable

We will share weekly/monthly and annual reports about company’s activities.Project’s will have online camera system.

Dex & smart contract on Waves blockchain

Your investments will be assured by waves platform blockchain. Transparency will be pre-screened through smart contracts that we will integrate.
Renaissance Engineering Token Ico
Timeline Discount
1st of October
1 RETOKEN = 0,004 waves
End of 20M token sell
1 RETOKEN = 0,004 waves
You can buy RETOKEN with Waves 
1st Oct-End of Token
1 RETOKEN = 0,004 waves

Renaissance Engineering Token ICO will start on WAVES DEX on“15/09/2018” via Buy Walls method.

The total tokens supply stands at 176 million. 44 million tokens are reserved for airdrops,future developments and team in the following ways;

5 million tokens are reserved for distribute to WCT/WAVES/MRT holders,airdrop campaign and early supporters.

12 million tokens are reserved for future projects. (2 year frozen)

27 million tokens are witheld by team and advisors. (2 year frozen)

62.5 million tokens will be distributed by ICO to investors on Waves Dex. You will be able to buy from sell walls.

69.5 million tokens will be distributed every month to RE Token holders after ICO ending within 2 years. First year %4  and second year %2 percentage will be valid.

Ico will be closed after reach 210,00 waves. First 20M token buyers will get %50 reward end of the tokensale.

Fund distribution
  • 176 millions Token
  • 69.5 millions 2 year airdrop
  • 52.5 millions Token sale
  • 44 millions Team & Company
  • 10 millions Token sale bonus
  • 5 millions Airdrop Campaign
  • 0.004 waves - Ico token price
Token distribution
  • 15% Team
  • 3%Ico airdrops
  • 7% Future Project Fund
  • 75% Ico Sale & 2 Year loyalty airdrop
Our Strategy and Project’s Vision
2018 Q3
🔷Foundation of Renaissance Engineering Co.

🔷Development of RE Token & business model
🔷Whitepaper and website preparation

🔷Choose of Waves Platform for ICO sale
🔷Start of marketing & advertising campaigns
🔷Pre-sale/Ico-sale/Public sale phases

🔷 Pre-ico,%5 ico-sale bonuses

🔷Airdrops to $wct holders
2018 Q4
🔷Beginning of monthly loyalty airdrops

🔷Decision of suitable land for 1st building project
🔷Launch of Engineering solution service

🔷Start of first building project
🔷Adding team member with smart contract knowledgeable

🔷Foundation of International Donation Fund for Children
🔷First project dividends distiribution to holders
🔷Launch of worldwide online real-estate buy/sell & rent website
🔷Smart contact integration to all our features
🔷Start of second building project
🔷Launch RenaissanceLab Startup Incubator
🔷Ios and android apps release for online engineering solution service
🔷Partnership with real-life global real estate agencies
🔷Building of world first real-estate buying / selling DEX on blockchain
for Holders

RenaissanceLab is a startup incubator which helps entrepreneurs to build their own projects.

Monthly Airdrop

Stack your RETOKEN at Waves Dex and get your monthly %4 passive token income.

Profit Share

Get your dividends from company’s finished projects & onlice engineering service’s income. Distribution currency will be waves.

for  Investors
Secure,fast,user-friendly DEX experience

Hedge your funds/assets on Waves Dex with RE token.

 Engineering Solution Service

Use your RE Tokens on Renaissance Engineering Solutions website to solve personal architectural and engineering works.

 Global Real Estate Solutions

Use your RETOKEN,global real estate company’s partnership and our own DEX real estate project.

Buy walls placed on Waves Dex with 0.004 RETOKEN/Waves pair
Our Team
Meet a Crew of Professionals
Partners & Supporters
We Collaborate Only With The Best
Waves Platform

Gain access to the Waves platform’s solutions for storing, trading, managing and issuing your digital assets, easily and securely.

A new partnership will be announcement soon.We are negotiating with cooperate with one of Waves Ecosystem’s projects to improve our blockhain users population .


Waves’ decentralised exchange (DEX) allows users to trade Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, ZCash and other cryptocurrencies.

Renaissance Engineering Token
Frequently Questions

Please see the steps below:
1: You will need to have a Waves Wallet . You can download yours here:
2: You will need to have your Waves Wallet funded with either Waves or Bitcoin or use other gateways.
3: On 1st Oct our sell walls for RETOKEN will go live on the Waves Decentralized Exchange (DEX) which you can access in your Waves Wallet.
4: Confirm RE Token asset ID matches:7HV6xKYPjSyKzSoW6UwhQBdTFUnGoL5dHG2G5ZwSL9QB – to avoid any possible fake coins by the same name appearing on the DEX.
5: Place your BUY order.
6.Get your RE token to the wallet.

Article about this;̇ssance-engineering-token-ico-sale-57e6442df0c9

Renaissance Engineering Company founded in 2017, July by Cagdas Yilmaz. The idea of enterprise appeared after our Co-founder’s met Waves Platform ecosystem and invesment the coin. He has been impressed of waves’s trying to do for business’s world mechanics. After long searchs of blockchain’s adaptation to real-product markets,he decided to create our Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) on wavesplatform.

We have built a business model on blockchain for our expertise in building and engineering products. RE aims to gain a profit out of traditional investment tools by turning our ideas on real estate and other engineering solutions with asset tokenization

-Benefits of becoming Early Adopter

  • Taking profit share from Company’s building projects and services is main goal for holders.
  • We define it as a snowball effect. If you contribute Ico sale,you will be earn much more passive RETOKEN with bonuses and airdrops.
  • Owning of more RETOKEN will bring you more dividend in the future.

You can find more about bonuses and airdrops on this article;              bonuses-planned-loyalty-airdrops-829b318b789f

Renaissance Engineering decentralized exchange will allows users to trade Bitcoin,Waves,RETOKEN,Ethereum, Litecoin, ZCash and other cryptocurrencies, as well as fiat currencies such as USD, EURO and TRY with their approved real-estates via waves smart contract technology.

We will distribute Waves coin . Waves has a high network speed with hundreds of transactions per second and a small commission, which makes it as convenient as possible to transfer cryptocurrency between network members instantly.

RenaissanceLAB will do what waveslab doing for wavesplatform. Basically if entrepreneurs have an uniqeu idea about engineering, they could apply us to realize it. We will open pools to vote by our holders and winner of competition’s project will support by Renaissance Engineering’s funding. Income of realized projects will distributed to RETOKEN holders with defined percent ( minimum %30 but we are work on it). So RenaissenceLAB will help to attract more ICO and enterprising project flow into wavesplatform ecosystem.We plan to execute LAB in early 2020.

We will start the creation of engineering solution service website asap after ico ending and integration of payment methods Waves and RETOKEN there. Profits from website will distributed monthly.

5 M token distribution will be done to wct/mrt/waves holders,it can affect and show some kind of airdrop usage area to community.

For building,we have several alternative for land which we would start our first project on.Best one will be choosen according to crowdfund amount and in three month start of building can be given. Planning to distribute first building dividends to holders Agu 2019.

Considerin adding new technical team members to team,especially who has knowledgeable about smart contracts and developer because of upcoming wavesplatform updates. Our engineering team is enough strong for this level RenaissanceLAB Engineering project startup.

Renaissance Engineering is believe that every person in the world must realize there ise something more important than business and money. With this consciousness, we will establish our own charity. Aiming the Cooperation between other wavesplatform icos. Also connected about this Apis Co-Founder Catza and Monika Van Zyl from waxex. If we will success on this project, Renaissange Engineering can easily pioneering social responsibility business on mainstream.

Realestate buy&sell dex with cryptocurrency

Decentralized real estate platform for selling and buying 7/24 real-estates.

Online engineering solution service

Website where you can create solutions for your personal engineering projects with RETOKEN and other cryptocurrencies on waves dex. There will be architects and engineers all around the world free to join our databes and you will be able to choose which person do you want to give your project.

-Building construction products

Main business of our company, building of real estate and constructions and selling with profit.

-Waves smart contacts integration on all products of company

Smart contract adaptation to all phases of our finance developments.

-Security Token

RETOKEN will be security token based on waves blockchain when it will be activeted

Engineering project startup ıncubator

Waveslab version of Renaissence Engineering Company (explained below)

-Monthly airdrop loyalty programme

1st year %4

2nd year %2 passive income as a RETOKEN

-%30 profit share from projects and engineering solution website gains

Dividends will be distributed as a waves coin to RETOKEN holders.Engineering service’s dividend monthly(planning to start in 3 months),projects’s profit distributed per end of the project.

First of all;our goal is to build a living space for people. Turkey seperate house (especially villa) models still very untouched and open to development. Generally, the policies of the construction companies on “apartment type buildings and sales”. This makes us different from others. And our building plans stay niche. So it makes possible being easy to reach villa type building customers after finish the project than other companies.

Besides this, the construction square meters costs are also very low, labor power cheap and the Turkish Lira’s weakness against the dollar in current inflation during the years is making the blockchain most sensible investment on Turkey. We are creating safe place against national currencies with Real-life tokenization mixed the benefits of crypto with the stability of realestate.

All this suitable conditions will cause profitability from projects and higher profit share distributed to holders & high dividends so at the end of the story the value of RETOKEN must be increased with loyalt airdrop and passive income token model.

Do you wanna join our team ?(Looking for Engineer,Architect,Developer,Pr manager)
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